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Originally Posted by Empty Planet
Sounds like a fun tip, Led. I'll look forward to giving it a try. Once or twice I've keyed verbs with an expander, so only the transients poke through into the verb. Gives things like drums an interesting sense of motion.

Always been curious about the Beatles bwoooosh -- if, that is, we're talking about the one best featured in "Good Morning, Good Morning." Never been able to get it to happen, and I've tried a lot of compressors.

Btw, Bob...great avatar.

What you are hearing in "Good Morning" is a crash cymbal, not the hi hat thing you hear in "She Loves You" and "Can't Buy Me Love" and many others.

They were using Fairchild and Altec compressors at EMI. Another great one for hearing what you hear in "Good Morning" is "She Said, She Said" off "Revolver." Check out the drums/cymbals in that one!