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I think you'd do well with the Blacklion AM-CHA1 Stereo Transformer balanced EQ. Gapped transformers on input and output. Lots of color and mojo. I'm able to give tracks a real vibe with it. If you wanna send a stereo track my way, I'll run the track through it so you can hear the difference. It won't be subtle, I can tell you that.

Will do.

The only pre I have now is on the duet, so probably still need something. I haven't gotten around to trying duet pre yet tho.

As for the horns, I'd agree for some of the tracks, but it would seem like a bit of a waste on this one.

As for percussionists... I am one, so if I need one of those, I'm in trouble.

Any other pre suggestions or details of what to look for? I'd certainly entertained the idea of getting a good eq, but I really don't tend to eq much, so thinking pre/line driver would probably be the path. Also looking to get some natural by products like rounding of transients.