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Yeah. Character. It's amazing how far character can take someone who really in a technical sense has no voice at all. Dylan is the obvious example but there are tons of others. Mark Knopfler, for example, can barely croak from note to note. He basically talks his way through Romeo and Juliet. Chris de Burgh. Mark E Smith of the fall. The guy from Doves. The guy from Magnetic Fields. Even Elliott Smith doesn't really have much of a voice in a technical sense. Even more egregious examples: J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays, Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. James Mercer of the Shins has a really strange wobbly voice. But what they all have in spades is that they sound like themselves and they let the character dominate their voice. Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse, another really weird voice full of character. Dan Behar of Destroyer/New Pornos. Man, I could go on and on.