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I agree the vocal on Sister sounds a bit dry. The Haas is worth trying. I would just double the vocal track, pan hard left/right, delay one side by 20ms or so and then fiddle with the balance until the vocal sounds centered.

Edit -- but a lush, shortish stereo reverb on the vocal could also work well.

There's a nice clean guitar part about 2/3 of the way through Sister that could come up a bit to add interest to that section. I like the way you keep building, from the entry of the bass and drums, to the chordal change and chorus-y section, but then there's a danger it all drops off a bit. I was thinking 'a solo would be good here' but then I listened carefully and I could hear the guitar so I figured you already knew that but had not pulled it up in the mix quite enough.

On a minor performance note there is one high note in the vocal around there which the singer doesn't quite make. Maybe worth dropping in.

On Snow: yes, that's a nice intro, especially when it goes into a B section that you don't expect. However I'm expecting something at 1'10 after 8 bars of the main section, and it doesn't happen. That makes the whole thing feel like a backing track until about 1'51.

I think you need another instrument in here, probably a vocal, to come in at 1'10 and then back off a little into a harmony at 1'51 or so.