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Cheers. The intro to sister troubled me too, problem is, I didnt want it too hooky as it's supposed to be building to the middle section (bit with lyrics after the drums come in). Making it tooo poppy at the start kind of ruined the build up so I'm a bit stumped with it...
I guess 'hooky' was the wrong word for me to use - maybe some kind of low-volume percussion underneath to give it some traction? It's not bad but IMO it needs some momentum and this doesn't need to be prominent.

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...Can you expand on the haas delay a bit? How would you implement it, bear in mind its a mono track - would you double the track and pan them and delay (but by doing this it would totally lose the vocals in the center...)
GS thread here ('search' is your best friend on GS):

My take on Haas (from the Bob Katz book) is to add a 29-38 millisecond delay and pan it to one side...but you shouldn't hear's just there to help the vocal stand out, not as an effect. If your vocal track is in mono then just put the delay on a send and pan it into the stereo field of your main mix bus...not all the way to one side...say 1/2 or 3/4 pan. It doesn't work on every track and if your room acoustics aren't great then it's hard to judge the amount of dellay...I'd be cautious with it - better less than more.
I did this collab with One Werd and he's used just a tad too much on vocal:

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...Funny that you said first snow lost steam with the middle section. So far everyone has said that the entry of the organ, piano and percussion saves it from being boring :P
I think James Taylor's music uses quite simple elements but manages to engage the listener on an emotional some ways First Snow reminded me of his work. I think the key to you nailing this is to not use the organ/piano/percussion to rescue the mid-section but to compliment it. Bear in mind I'm just an amatuer and it's only one opinion.
Good luck though - I genuinely like the direction you're heading in and thanks for posting your tracks as it helps me reflect on my own songwriting and arrangement.