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Funny that you said first snow lost steam with the middle section. So far everyone has said that the entry of the organ, piano and percussion saves it from being boring :P
You know I am going to have to agree with Arthur. During that middle section it was almost as though I was being promised something, as though the tune was building up to something and it just felt it never quite got there. When the final section kicked in it felt like more of the same, as though you had missed an opportunity.

Don't get me wrong, it was a great tune and I loved the when the other instruments joined at 40secs, very nicely done, it sounded great actually.

i have listened to it a couple of times, the "third act" at around 1:40 sounds better with more listens actually, but I still wonder if it needs something very different. Maybe something big sounding playing the bass line, a cello? a tuba? Or maybe a nice heavy pad.

Dunno, just some thoughts.

I do like your piano sound btw, it sits nice here.

Overall a nice tune.