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RE: Sister...IMO the intro needs a little something (a bit hooky) to give it juice...also the intro vocal section would benefit from a lush but short (almost invisible) reverb. I like the way the guitar enters underneath the vocal. It builds nicely to a good pace.

Re: First Snow - I'm liking that guitar's quite engaging...but the track slows and loses interest in the mid-section. The track reminds me of Winter but also mid-Summer too.

One general criticism of both tracks is that the vocal doesn't stand out enough in the arrangement. Maybe a little Haas delay would fix this (but only very subtly, i.e. so it's not evident). What I think would benefit both tracks is finding the unique elements and making them integral to the arrangement...sorry to be so cryptic.
Cheers. The intro to sister troubled me too, problem is, I didnt want it too hooky as it's supposed to be building to the middle section (bit with lyrics after the drums come in). Making it tooo poppy at the start kind of ruined the build up so I'm a bit stumped with it.

Can you expand on the haas delay a bit? How would you implement it, bear in mind its a mono track - would you double the track and pan them and delay (but by doing this it would totally lose the vocals in the center...)

Funny that you said first snow lost steam with the middle section. So far everyone has said that the entry of the organ, piano and percussion saves it from being boring :P