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So, if I 'slate' this track's arrangement it's due to my 'dented ego' - not beacause it is IMO bland and boring. If you'd have posted that in this thread I would have suggested that the arrangement was a little generic and lacked character - call that sensitivity if you will. TBH I preferred the OP's demo song.
Now I could reply..WHERE ARE YOUR SONGS, SHOW ME YOURS and all that nonsense, but because a) everyone is entitled to criticise, b) I'm an adult, and c) I have half a functioning brain, I will take on your criticism with some humility. I myself feel this track is a bit bland and boring, too as it happens. It served a purpose though. It allowed me to get that string riff into a song and make a lot of money on commercials and television synch's, which was my main goal. To that end, I suppose the song arrangement wasn't that important.