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I didn't say you were mean I said "That's a bit mean" in reference to this comment: "I feel that's probably why you've tried to exclude out of tune vocals from the critique."

So what. What's that got to do with it? I read many posts from people with extensive CV's yet they manage to offer critiques without talking down to people.

You've lost me now...please explain? What is the point of 'logic' you refer to?

Again you've lost me here...please explain?

Not being sensitive...the OP asked for criticism of composition and you think that's because he doesn't want to be criticised for being out-of-tune - in my opinion your comments were 'out-of-tune'.

This isn't the X-factor and TBH I wish I could sing as well (and as tunefully) as the OP. Honestly.

Please read through the forum and note the style of critiques and advice offered by many of the industry's leading lights; with a bit more sensitivity your opinions could be a positive force.
My CV was only brought up because, after criticising Chris'n song, you challenged me to upload songs. You basically asked me to prove I was worthy to criticise. Guess what? Everyone is worthy to criticise. It's what music is about. Opinions. Take them or leave them. Listen to them or don't. Filter out the bull**** and keep the pertanant stuff. Simples. You asked me to upload some songs, so I did. I explained what I have done in the past, but also that IT DOESNT MATTER.

And how you have taken my comments says more about you than it does me. That comment was aimed at trying to make him rethink about the importance of performances. AS IVE SAID ALREADY, if it were just a bad take, or performance, but you could still hear the song, the melodic contour etc, then I wouldn't have said anything. However, as many of the notes weren't hit, I felt that I had no impression of what the melody was supposed to be. Now, the melody, and it's contour, is probably the most important aspect of a song. As I felt this was unrecognisable due to the out of tune vocals, I mentioned it.

Tuck your skirt in, powder your nose and just calm down. This is like two bald men fighting over a comb. Completely pointless.