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Hey, it's the OP here. I wasn't insulted by having the vocals called out -- it's strangers on the internets, who cares -- and they were indeed out of tune because they were a total scratch track.

Davido said that made it hard for him to hear the melody so I redid them. No harm no foul.

HOWEVER I totally agree that there should be a distinction between 'rough demos' and 'publisher-ready demos' and that we should be clear that performance-oriented criticism is only welcomed in the second.

My intention was that *this* thread would be for people to post demos, no matter how rough, for comments on composition, arrangement and lyrics.

It's unreasonable to expect someone to have a commercial-quality demo of a song they are still working on.

On the other hand, in a commercial-quality demo, the standard of performance is obviously important if it obscures the song.

So yeah, two threads, and no offence taken whatsoever. Maybe someone should start the other thread off?
If the vocal performance was just bad, then I wouldnt have said anything. However, it was out of tune, and therefore the melodic contour was completely lost. Therefore the song wasnt actually the song. Thats the only reason I mentioned it, not because it wasnt perfect etc. Its important we dont confuse the two. I wasnt expecting releasable quality, just to be able to listen to the tune.

Good on you for being open to criticism, and I hope you got the distinction between me just having a go at a bad performance, and having a go at a bad performance that made the song unlistenable.