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Tyan motherboard

Originally Posted by dubrichie

can anyone point me to a suitable motherboard for building a quad core DAW?

preferably AMD if possible.




I always recommend that you poke around the website of the manufacturer you plan on dealing with the most. I.E. Digidesign has "qualified" the A8N-X by Asus, and K8WE (S2895) by Tyan for PT LE. Steinberg seems to claim Cubase will run on just about anything, I can't really comment because I don't use it.

But in a less winded answer to your question, the best thing that I've seen out there is the Tyan K8WE (S2895) - which is actually what I use for running ProTools LE with 2 Opteron 275s (2.2GHz x 4 cores total). It is insanely fast, and there is actually a test called the Davec test that you can use to benchmark your machine vs what other people have built thus far, so that you can get an idea of how much $ you're going to end up spending vs the amount of performance you're going to get.

There is DEFINATELY a line that is often overlooked when it comes to building the ultimate PT LE machine instead of just buying a decent CPU (such as the AMD X2 series that has been mentioned already) and then getting a HD Core setup.

For a frame of reference, though, the machine I have passed every Davec test that exists with flying colors - there hasn't been one created yet that's powerful enough to bog it down. My computer is a little over the top though, and might be a bit more than you need (I think I may have crossed that line I mentioned)...

To get an idea of these tests and how they work/what they represent, check on Digidesign's user forum in the Windows LE section, they actually have a few Quad threads already started.

If you can provide more specific details as to what you are trying to accomplish in terms of software, I could probably (hopefully?) be far more constructive in trying to assist.