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Mate, that is all well and good. But remember, songs posted on this forum are not always going to be demos ready to send out to a publisher.

Some people are going to be looking for feedback on the song before they find a singer to record it. This thread is as much about the evolution of a song, and getting feedback while the song is still being tweaked.

You cannot expect people to hire a studio and get some session musicians in just so they can post a song on here to find out the chorus is crap.

Think about it.

And yes, I have heard your stuff before, I actually like a couple of your songs.
Good point. But I see no harm in giving friendly advice on how they can be improved up to a standard where they could be. Especially when they have potential like this. Asking people to effectively "dumb down" their standards to suit the poster of said material just isnt realistic.

I do get your point. I think we're both decent people, trying to help. I will take your point and remember it for the future, you do the same, and its happy days.

I genuinely meant no harm, and this is the first time I've used this forum.

I'm writing tunes for other people now, so thought id drop by and see what people are doing.

Again, I completely take your point. Absolutely.

What I dont like is people who have turned round and basically said "prove you are entitled to your opinion that my material isnt very good" which is ridiculous, because a) I am. b) Everyone is, and c) I was right, and so is everyone else who has an opinion about music. Its subjectiveness is its beauty. He's just made himself silly though really, as he's started some daft contest now, which there was no need for. But I realise this was nothing to do with you!

Good luck with everything mate.