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I don't think you have knocked anyones ego, don't worry about that.

But I would like people to feel comfortable enough here to post their songs without fear of embarrassment over their performance skill. Surely you can understand that?

Not all songwriters are performers. Many of us are usually the keyboard player or second guitar player who don't get given the microphone that often.

The song needs to to be the important thing here, otherwise what is the point of having a songwriting forum?

Let's talk about melody, harmony, rhythm, structure etc.. If the vocals are not too great then just get over it and try and focus on the song.

Otherwise I am not going to be comfortable posting anything here.
Read my previous reply to you mate. Were on the same page here. Not all songwriters are performers, but to be a successful singwriter, you need to get good performances of your song down (called session musicians) before demonstrating them in public. The reason good performances are important is they show the song better, they present it in a way that is listenable.

You cant HEAR a melody if the vocals are out of tune. Melodies are a sequence of notes. If those notes arent hit, then how do we know what the melody is?

People need to take the cotton wool off, and realise this is a big bad industry. Re-read my original comment, and I think you will realise your making a mountain from a mole hill, and castrating me for nothing. I merely offered advice about the presentation of THE SONG. I thought the production was great, for the record. I just felt that I couldnt hear THE SONG well enough to judge it, due to the vocals.

And the OP agreed, and has done them again, so now he is in a much better place with this song because of my constructive and friendly criticism, and his ability to be humble and gracious, and obviously motivated.