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I guess the fact the OP agreed with me proves that there was room for constructive criticism. If people were more honest, rather than just patting each other on the back, we'd all become better at what we do.

Please stop being so sensitive, and patronising, and lets all just get along and allow for criticism.
Maybe he is just being a nice guy. And patronising? Please.

The point is, and it was made very clear at the start of the thread. This is a songwriting forum and this is a thread to showcase and discuss songs. We need to keep that top of mind when critiquing.

I am all for honestly, that is exactly what we want. But keep it about the songs and the art of songwriting. Not about the performance.

This is exactly why so many songwriters are afraid to post on the other forums and threads, because they are all concerned with the performance and the mixing. There are plenty of songwriters out there who are not great performers, engineers or musicians - but who can write bloody nice songs. This is a place for them to get feedback on the songs.

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