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Don't be negative!

I actually liked the voice, it has a certain "un-manufactured" style which I think can sound excellent matched with the right songs - though it does need to be the right songs with a more gritty down to earth arrangement.

Have you never heard of Badly Drawn Boy? There is a songwriter who has done pretty well for himself despite having a voice that is very unremarkable. As I said earlier, this track does remind me in some ways of Badly Drawn Boy.

HAHA! Have I heard of him? Recorded him twice, played with him about 5 times. Damon's a great guy with an incredible voice. Incredible songs and a great person.

I guess the fact the OP agreed with me proves that there was room for constructive criticism. If people were more honest, rather than just patting each other on the back, we'd all become better at what we do.

Please stop being so sensitive, and patronising, and lets all just get along and allow for criticism.