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Old 31st May 2006
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Someone with lots of microphone experience

Yes I am an yet another Aussie guy who doesn't have the luxury of trying lots of mics before I buy them so......

Please help shed some light of the following for me. I need to buy 1 LDC, 2 SDC (Matched) and a ribbon mic. So far my choices are

LDC Peluso 2247 LE (Vox)
SDC Peluso CEM-C6, Geffell M300's, Schoeps CMC6 Cardioid (Overheads, other instruments)
Ribbon Peluso R14, AEA R92, Royer 141 (Guitars, Vox)

Now I know that the Gefell & Schoeps are much more expensive than the Peluso stuff but how much difference is in it? If I can help it I don't want to spend that much. My budget is more around

LDC Peluso 2247 LE
SDC Peluso CEM-C6

I have a very edgy white boy thing happening in my and can never find a mic that flatters that part of my range. It seems that the 22 47 Le would be a good choice for that price. Should I save my pennies? Does anyone have some suggestions as to what would be the best choice based on their direct experience? I would so appreciate some feedback on this guys. Thanks :-)