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Title says it all, couldn't find any info in the 7D manual or on this forum, here are my questions:

Is the external mic input mic level or line level?

What is the sample rate / bit depth of the recording?

Is there any sort of built in audio limiter?

Are there any noise issues / audio quality issues?

Sound quality doesn't have to be great but has to be useable. Trying to avoid using an external recording device if possible.

Any / all help greatly appreciated. Thanks! heh

_Andrew Oswald
Input is mic level only. You can make this work by padding down a line level signal (+4) by about 50 db.

A 7D is auto-gain only--you can't change this without a firmware hack.

The sound, like the 5D etc, is like that of a cheap "burrito-cam" camcorder: thin, no headroom, noisy, some distortion.

The audio recorded is not pcm--it is MPEG4 at whatever frame rate you set.
I believe the SR is 44.1 but I haven't checked that in a while.

The main obstacle is the AGC. I have worked with a lot of 7D and 5D audio in post, and if the AGC can be shut off then you have a fighting chance. Otherwise I would advise an external recorder. There are accessory boxes that claim to fool the AGC of a cam like 7D, but they are expensive, bulky, do nothing about the other audio shortcomings of the camera, and add a high-Hz signal to the audio.

phil p
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