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Hey Arthur -- that's a lovely track.

My only comment is about the arrangement. I'm not a huge fan of the electric guitar which comes in and feels like it clutters up something that is very sparse and elegant. Also, up until then the track is very much in its own style, but the electric tends to nudge it into a familiar kind of Roger Waters groove, which I find a bit of disappointing.

I would be tempted to do lose the electric guitar and do two things --

1. Bring in a cello part which basically echoes the drone you have going on the guitar and intensifies the modal feel you already have.

2. Bring in a very clean and simple vocal harmony towards the end, maybe sticking to fifths, again to echo the chordal feel you have going on the guitar.

Other than that, I really like it. The vocal performance is excellent, very characterful. The string arrangement is good too -- could be made more of, which is why I suggest the cello (would also fill out the bottom end a bit).