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Them Bouncy, blooming acoustic guitars

I frequently see posts on how certain Beatle-y compressors can give ride cymbals that BWOOOSH sound (without which psychedelia would have been stillborn, right?)

Ok, fair enough. However, there is a different compressor trick that I would like to see done nicely. Think Buffalo Springfield's "Bluebird." The guitar sound blooms nicely after it is picked or strummed. The transients seem preserved and you don't hear ducking after the pick sound. Somehow the transient is well-represented and then the sound just gets louder, like it is bouncing along in level. Maybe if I went back and listened again I would hear undesireable artifacts but not in my brain's playback machine.

Any ideas on how this sound was done?

And please, don't tell me it was all Mr. Still's fingers.tutt

Bob the V