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How to send a stereo signal in a proper way to one monitor for mono-check


I've purchased a Mackie Big Knob and one ADAM S3A.
I have a set of JBL LSR 6328 and want to use the ADAM in the center
for a good mono check.

Now there are three monitor outputs on the BIG knob all with left and right channels.
I was thinking of solder two balanced jacks to one balanced XLR plug and put both the jacks in the left and right channel of the BIG knob and the XLR in the S3A.

Is this allright or do I make a mistake which causses phase problems or something like that?
Maybe I make it to difficult for myself and there is another way to connect the center speaker with the BIG knob which gives a perfect sum for the left and right channel to mono?


greetings, Tom