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OK- this one's really rough. Just a structure, really. No melodies/lyrics yet - these will likely be worked on by all three members of a band I'm in.

In the interest of discussing process:

- I really like ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid". I wanted something kinda sorta like it. Listened to the song once as a refresher, aped the overall vibe/structure as quickly as I could, obviously not being too precious about it.

- I programmed the basic drum beat using samples I recorded years ago

- Put down the guitar track. I had the riff/verse/chorus ideas, but I improvised the middle section.

- Put down the bass.

- Put down the Juno "lead" (haha)

- Put in the crashes, did a few edits in the drums

- Did the little "mute/stutter" edits toward the end

The writing/demoing process, so far, is at about 45 minutes.

Feel free to chime in, I'd love to hear opinions about the process and the music.
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