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Old 4th January 2012
Here for the gear

To give background on the project:

I am helping out a really close friend, as a personal favor, who is making a zero budget short film. He knows nothing about production sound (aside from that the onboard mic on a 7D is unusable) and isn't very experienced in film making.

If the sound quality is up to par, I want him to record directly to the 7D, because he doesn't have knowledge of the basics of syncing audio to picture and am afraid that he won't be able to properly set up an external recorder.

Nowadays I work exclusively in music production, am experienced in post production (mostly ADR and dialogue editing), and have only done production sound twice in my life. I won't be there on set because I don't have time. I am only giving him technical advice and giving him a day with me for post. All indoor shots. I'm letting him borrow a vintage AKG451 with a shotgun capsule and an outboard preamp (I know it's not ideal but I only own equipment that I use for music so it's the closest thing).