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During tracking, things can get out of control very easily for me, so I try to stick to the following rules:
- Setup all needed tracks for the tracking sessions upfront. Name them properly before you hit record.
- Use playlists for different takes. Directly after the recording of the take, I postfix the playlist (or recorded wave file) with a comment about the take (good, bad, out of time, wrong note whatever) to make it easier to tell them apart the next day or so. Mark those that you find to be a good take right after recording (like postfix with "!!!", easy to type...).
That said, I am trying to stick to a single "Gtr Solo" track (for example), but which can have multiple playlists.
- Just make sure sure sure, you don't end up with tracks named "Audio 23" or "Vocals 2.23" without knowing what it is or was.

After the tracking session, the project needs cleanup:
- Decide for the final takes.
- Consolidate all final takes into audio files that start at bar 1/beat 1 of the song
- Save into a new folder, so that just the final audio files are used in the project

Regarding backups, the highest priority should go for the consolidated final tracks. And they take up the least amount of storage space as well, so there's no excuse for not backing them up to even multiple media.
You should backup all the crap that got recorded, but I would not care too much about that after the song has been finally mixed. Nobody will want go back to those, probably... err.. hopefully...