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Originally Posted by Dirty Halo
I can highly recommend Bruce and his crew at The Desk Doctor.

VERY trust-worthy and knows everything about every SSL desk. On the side, he'll usually take on pretty much any custom project and either he or one of his guys will do it. In fact, he had plans for racking the 502's and 510's, already has CAD drawings, etc.

Give 'em a call and tell them I sent you his way, he'll be good to ya. (He's building a custom desk for me now)

Good guys. Really. (And this is coming from the guy who has already delt extensively with "that guy" over-seas. Not good)


Yes, Bruce would do a good job... But, I suggest you get a quote on that racking job before buying those 12 x EQ's... The rack job is going to be BIG BUCKS! And, if they don't have balanced cards (I can't remember the model #)... you're in for big problems. Do a search on 5000 modules.