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Generally speaking a PCI interface would be better because of the following.
(This is the very reason I bought a PYRO 64bit PCI Firewire Card for my Digi002)

The firewire / usb controller on a typical computer motherboard has to go through the Southbridge Chipset, and even sometimes the 'I/O Controller' before making it's way to the PCI bus on its journey to the NorthBridge Controller (which of course is where you find the Frontside bus, CPU, Ram, and AGP bus)

If the above makes any sense =) then you can see why a pci card is marginally better... I guess you could say "Jumping on the train closer to the destination is better, because as it relates, the PCI bus is closer to the processor than the USB or Firewire Controller in many cases."

Again... I bought a Sweet firewire card for my Computer so I effectively have eliminated the benefit of using a PCI card interface (Digi001, Delta1010, etc) over my firewire interface (Digi002Rack).

Hope this helps,

Scott Harloff