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I have a mono Evolver desktop and a Prophet '08 and IMO they're so different it's a hard question to answer. My P'08 probably gets more use overall and is especially good for bread 'n butter sounds, but the Evolver's more complex wave forms (digital) and architecture make it great for more complicated sounds. It depends on how you like to make music. I think for me the Evolver gets less use because it's so suited for complex sounds and for me I'd rather keep more complexity in the composition and keep the sounds simpler.

That said, a Polyphonic Evolver can probably cover a lot of the basic Prophet stuff anyway, so maybe the best answer is to get the PE and then maybe supplement it with an analog monosynth at some later point in time. I think the MoPHo is destined to be a classic. I hear people say they don't like it and that leaves me scratching my head. I've got one and I put it up against my new Phatty last night and I'd be hard pressed to say which one is "better." Both have nice qualities to them, both have limitations.