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Old 30th December 2011
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Just wanted to follow up saying, SPAT automates beautifully. It is an extremely useful plug-in.

I did have tons of stability problems when using more than one instance or is. But, as it can take 8 sources into up-to-12 outputs (in Nuendo), one instance is often enough.

I created a 3-part vocal harmony with 6 unison voices on each part, and each group of 6 going into SPAT, positioning the singers around your "head" location, in different groups and distances (i.e. main melody clustered in the front and closer, bass further back, mid to the sides of you and a little behind), like being swarmed by carolers.

I then automated them so they lean in and then back off at the end of phrases.

The result is awesome! I rendered three versions within SPAT, one binaural (using the "Head 1003" HRTF file, one of about 20 provided), transaural (which creates a simulated binaural "out-of-speaker" effect, and plain old stereo.

All were of use in different applications.

My only two issues with SPAT now are the stability problem when running more than one instance in a project, and the apparent inability to feed in a genuine binaural source, for transaural output; feeding it in as "stereo" does not work right, for some reason.

Other than these issues, SPAT can do what no program can, at a quality level that I am aware of.