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Old 28th December 2011
Studio Set Up Help Please. I could use some reassurance Ive researched corectly

Hey everyone. New here. Clearly. Im about to get some recording gear and ive been researching thee hell out of it. I have tile floors and big rooms so the sound is less than ideal and the rooms arent treated. Im thinking about a Shure SM7 to a fethead to a Samson C-valve tube pre (already have one laying around) I was wondering if im still going to need an audio interface or if its ok to plug right into my mic jack? If i do does anyone have a good recommendation for an interface that plays well with the i7 2600 chipset? Im on a budget here so be gentle. I was thinking an Alesis MulitMix 8 USB 2.0 mixer.

Im not entirely new to recording but i am new to getting this far in depth with it. We started and continue to this day on LDC mics going into a mixer then into the line in jack. Id like to one up that

I was also thinking of building a portabooth for myself something like this.

RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth | Dave Courvoisier's Blog

Do you think this will be sufficient to have decent quality recordings? Right now i have a bluebird BLUE mic but ive read that its less than ideal for the room ill be recording in as the LDC mics pick up EVERYTHING. I believe im on the right path here, ive done a lot of research im just looking for some kind of reinforcement before i make my purchases.

Im also considering the samson a8 monitors. They sounded pretty good in the store and i like to have good bass response. HAs anyone heard good/bad about these my other option is Rokit 6's but i dont want to loose the bass as its pretty crucial to hip hop.

Heres a track we did so you can hear our voices. I know that makes a difference. Quality isnt great on this at all i uploaded the wrong version but you get the picture.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help.