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> I need some tips for improving my mixing / speaker / sub position ... Some frequencies are missing (dips), some are too much (reso). <

Looking at your drawing I can see why. heh

First, the listening position is very close to the center of the room front to back. The ideal place to sit is where your ears are about 38 percent of the way back from the front wall - the wall you're facing.

But even the most ideal speaker and listener placement cannot overcome the peaks and nulls and ringing common to all rooms like this. To solve that you need bass traps. The more traps you have in the room corners, the flatter and tighter the low end will be. It's as simple as that. For a room that size at least four bass traps are needed, and even 12 wouldn't be too many.

You should also experiment with subwoofer placement. However, the only way to know which place is best is to measure the low frequency response to a very high accuracy. Typical third-octave analyzers are inadequate for small rooms. You need to measure to a resolution of at least 1/24th octave, or 1 Hz, whichever is smaller.