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Originally Posted by Rockman
Thanks Steve. I'll try that. I might also try simply using both mics close-up against the grill. It just occurred to me that I'm not necessarily trying to capture the room sound. I'm just trying to get a good, rock sound... and some "air" with it. Like I said, I'm really new to this. And it's kinda hard to do this on my own (with no one helping me move the mic around while I listen in the other room)...
the learning is what makes all so much fun! I love it

If I'm looking for a tighter sound I use 3 mics right on the speaker (or speakers in the case of a 2 or 4x12 cab), 57 on axis, 57 or a 421 off axis and a large diaphragm on axis. Choose the balance on mix down.
Also try a mic behind the cab (reverse phase obviously) for more bass end.

BIG guitar sound though come from LOTS of tracking. For the main "rock" rhythm part I will offten use 6 tracks. Get the part played once and pan it left. Then copy the part to another track (I'm assumming you're using a DAW!) delay the track by about 20ms and pan it right. Get the part played again and pan it right. Copy it and pan left, delay for 25ms.... you can see where I'm going. If you've mic'ed the amp well enough it will sound massive.

Have fun experimenting


PS yes I have spent far too long pissing about with recording guitar (lol)