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EG ---> Behringer FX unit ---> crank it so there is extreme digital clipping --> must be synced to a digital clock that gets its time from the rotations of a uranium atom and you got it.

Seriously the OP it sounds like you are pretty extreme about your tone...saying you NEVER got a good tone using digital makes me think your not using a colored enough equipment. We all love tape for what is Adds to the sound...its distortions...

Of course everyones idea of the "ideal" guitar tone is personal and probably changes with mood/song etc...but maybe I'm not picky enough, but seems like if you get a great sounding TUBE amp, and a decent pre (neve, api etc) then your there....

Depends on what kind of tones....clean, bluesy? Metal?
As they say it all starts at the source...
Then any preamp with enough iron transformers will beef up your tone quite a bit.