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Got good results with a small sized set (Sonor Designer Maple Light 20"x14", 12"x10" and 14"x12").
You wonder? Me too!
But the key was to use a ddrum 4 se. We used the overhats and room mikes and blend some of the direct sound under the ddrum samples to make them life up a bit.
Try matching the tune of the drums with the ddrum.

Ddrum has some hugh tom samples! Had a linecheck at a hiphop festival and when the drummer hit the toms the pa was close to blow up!

To get a big kick I try not to muffel it and tune it to a tone (lets say 60Hz).
But if you want the ipackt of a muffeld kick go with that and ad a second infront of that unmuffled and tuned to a tone (tune from low to high and stop when it starts to resonate when the main kick is stroked). The second kick trick could be heard on the Rage Against The Maschine Albums.