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I suggest you to watch beyond the plain images on that Youtube video. What do you see now?

-Nobody caring about neighbors, traffic rumble or noisy storms interrupting the session
-Huge, professionally designed, great sounding rooms, with dead-silent HVAC systems
-Extremely accurate monitoring in the Control Room, down to sub-bass frequencies, which you can turn up to 11
-Assistants that take care of everything
-First class engineers and top pros at all levels
-Studio manager/runners that guarantee smooth and trouble-free sessions
-First class equipment, well maintained, all ready to roll
-Nice Lounges for breaks
-Clean WCs
-Backup drives
-A bass/guitar Strings store that avoids stupid session-flow breaks
-A secure place to leave your equipment overnight
-Production rooms for meetings, phonecalls or quiet songwriting
-A directory of great session musicians if required
-Insurance if anything happens
-A great looking place to shoot your commercial video/BTS
-An Industry hub

..etc, etc, etc.

That's the difference between a Home Studio and a Pro place. It's NOT the equipment (which you can always roll in BTW)
Re: Bolded

I don't really think so.

All those things are great, but most of the top HOME studio's I know and work in regularly accommodate the majority of those points. Of course, these studio's are owned by PROFESSIONALS who make money - not by 22 y/o's in their parents homes. For any item in your list that they may come up short on, I rarely need. If you can't make a top notch record in a home studio that's set up right, the problem is yours not the studio's.... Again, I'm not talking about bedroom studios running cubase on a laptop with one mic and a couple speakers. The HOME studio's I'm speaking of are often better equipped than your professional studio's these days.