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Originally Posted by Rockman
Hi guys,

Interesting thread.. and exactly what I was looking for... I'm pretty new to recording electric guitars... and I'm having phase problems because of trying to use 2 mics. Here's my setup.

VOX AC30CC2X (blue spkrs)
Fender Strat

I got a Shure 57 mic against the grill, but at a 45 degree angle (pointing towards the outside of the speaker).

I got a Neumann M149 mic about 6 feet away, facing the amp (at the same physical level of the speakers in the amp cabinet). Basically, I placed the Neumann mic at the same position that my ears would be, if I sat down on a chair and just played guitar for fun. I tweaked the settings on the amp so that I get a great tone when I'm sitting right there. That's where the mic went.

The 57 mic is going into a Brent Averill Neve 1084 (no EQ) and into a distressor (moderate compression)

The M149 is going into another Brent Averill Neve 1084 (no EQ) and a vintage LA-3A (with hardly any peak reduction)

Everything is going into an Apogee Rosetta 800, and straight into Pro Tools.

I tried to bring up both mics (while I'm playing guitar)... but I'm getting phase issues. I tried hitting the phase reverse switch on one of the Neve mic pres... but it still sounds phasey...

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? how do you guys mix the levels of the different mics? Do you usually bring them up at even levels? Or do you duck one a little?

Thanks for any Advice.

lol welcome to the tricky world of mic placement!
You have to literaly move the M149 a centimetre at a time further away and keep checking until you are happy with the phase. The sound will always be out of phase at one frequency but you can use that as almost an eq! The other trick is to switch the M149 to omni, it'll give you more room sound but not the same phasing probs. You also want to be using more of the SM57 than the M149 in the mix. Try puttting the 57 more on axis too. Also try compressing one mic heavily & leave the other alone, but wait until mixdown to do it!

hope this helps