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Old 27th May 2006
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large PVC??

I am thinking about large guage 16-18", 1/2" wall, hard PVC tubes, from 3-4 feet in height, cut, filled with stone or shot, to act as speaker stands and mixing table stands. I have seen some mix table with large tubes as legs, and I liked the look and idea.

Anyone seen anything like this? Any acousitc problems with the shape? It seems like the material could be had fairly cheap, even surpluss, such as old sewage or watermain pipe. Sche3dule 80 pipe can also be threaded and has flange fittings for top and bottom, which would make nice attachment to table tops, speaker stand tops, and footings.

Been Googling a while, see all kinds of things, just hard to interpret all the data.

Anyone have experience with this kind of item?

I would be mounting a custom made mix table for our Midas 320, on top of two of the tubes, with slide out 88 key controller, slide out computer kbd & mouse stand, and 19" slots for patchbays and some outboard.

The other two tubes would be for mid-field monitor stands.

Thanks, KT