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Originally Posted by GYang
I didn't compare list prices.

In relation to sound, I prefer Apogee (16X) for rock and pop to Lavry, Mytek and Lynx, but Lynx Aurora 8 is closer to truth than Rosetta 800, same as 2 ch Lavry Blue compared to Rosetta 200.

I have a 2 A/D D/A Lavry Blue and I love it.
Its inserted into my Lynx B two card who is clocked to the Lavry.

I like some more D/A's but $ 900 for just two extra D/A's (Lavry)is out of the question right now.
I was thinking to get me a Rosetta 800 (96k) and clock it to the Lavry.
Is this gonna give me a sort of Rosetta/Big Ben quality combination or even better?

Someone said to me clocking things next to each other gives each piece after that a slightely lesser clocking.
So, I'm wandering if I make the wrong approche here... .
Maybe three different brant A/D's clocking to the Lavry is not going to work fine?

gr. Tom