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Good question.

Maschine: sample recorded at normal** speed, pitched down in Maschine, SP emulation applied

SP-1200: sample recorded at about 45 rpm +4.5 or so (fast), pitched down in the SP 1200, used channels 7 and 8 (they have no filter).
If you treat Maschine with the sped up sample and pitch back down the exact same way you did with the SP, the emulation would be even closer. By closer, I mean nearly indistinguishable "IMO". I'm amazed at how close it actually is. A lot of people lust after that SP1200 sound and don't realize it's right under their nose with Maschine. You just need to feed Maschine the same sped up sample that you would a SP. Since Maschine don't have the memory limitations, I think people dont bother with speeding up the sample on input,but if you do, the SP emulation really kicks in, I'm talking grit, ring, all of those characteristics, plus it can be in stereo. I've thought about selling my SP more than once, but afraid I'll regret it. Already went down that road once before, sold it then 3 months later bought another.