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They best update thier website info then. When I see optional written before or after a sentence I will always assume the "option" will cost me something.
I worked the price out at $4319 with currency exchange freight and gst. The way I see it is thier advertised price of $5245 is nearly $1000 above the so called "haggled price". Obviously you can see that a price of $2700 from Sweetwater is a lot more attractive.
I have always bought locally and have bought from sound devices regularly, though an advertised price of a firm $4500 will appear more attractive than say a starting point for haggling at $5245. Usually you have to travel in there just to get a price as they wont say on the phone, paranoia or what? Im not trying to be a $#it stirrer I'm just looking for ways to save cash. Thanks for your reply Max, now I know if I pay more than $4500 I'm being burned.
I think apogee make great converters, I own a Rosetta 200 and will be buying an 800 soon if Mike H does me a reasonable price, now knowing 192k is standard makes it a better deal.
Originally I did think the upgrade to 192k would be expensive, as you can see $5000 plus purchasing an upgrade as well would have looked a small fortune to the average person just looking for new converters, I mean who would even bother asking really. Standard 192k at say $4500 is'nt too bad a price, I admit, still not great though.

Thanks for your time Max.

Check thier info if you care to.