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Originally Posted by JaeOne3345 View Post

I will post the same beat using the same piece of wax but sampled into Maschine so people can compare.

Edit: Here is the Maschine version.

After the Storm - Maschine Version

I used the same vinyl/samples. All that is different is the string hits from the Maschine True School library.

You can here a slight difference but Maschine is pretty close for what it is. It isn't the same, but is one of the better emulators I have heard.

In the context of a full song with vocals, cuts, etc, that **** doesn't matter. Nobody cares.

To the OP: You may want to consider Maschine or Battery (if the emulation engine is the same between them).

I still get down on the SP here and there, but I won't front. I turn on my Mac Book Pro with Ableton Live much more often LOL.
So did you pitch up, sample, then pitch back down in Maschine SP mode? The string hits were an excellent addition to that track by the way.