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I will post the same beat using the same piece of wax but sampled into Maschine so people can compare.

Edit: Here is the Maschine version.

After the Storm - Maschine Version

I used the same vinyl/samples. All that is different is the string hits from the Maschine True School library.

You can here a slight difference but Maschine is pretty close for what it is. It isn't the same, but is one of the better emulators I have heard.

In the context of a full song with vocals, cuts, etc, that **** doesn't matter. Nobody cares.

To the OP: You may want to consider Maschine or Battery (if the emulation engine is the same between them).

I still get down on the SP here and there, but I won't front. I turn on my Mac Book Pro with Ableton Live much more often LOL.