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Originally Posted by The Skrimps
I use a Neumann Tlm-103 ----> Manley VoxBox ---> HD 192i/o when recording rap vocals. This is the only chain I´ve got, and I´m not too pleased with the results when recording male rap vocals. In my ears, the vocal sounds dull or muffled. (however I get pleasing results when recording female singers).

Does anyone here have experience with the combination tlm-103 and VoxBox? Any thoughts on what settings might work for rap on the VoxBox (Gain, attack/release, threshold).

Like I said, I´m not pleased with how it sounds, and wonder if I should get a different mic, or pre-amp, or if there should be another link in the chain before it hits the DAW?
have you tried it with another mic or pre?
are you overcompressing on the way in?