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Might be the room your recording the vocals in. The reason females sound better is because they dont have as deep of a voice so you dont get all that low end build up that you do with the guys.

Also the TLM103 is a fairly bright mic. So I dont think its your chain.

Here's some advice I got:
Your best bet with a square booth is to use a combination of broadband traps and foam... if ALL you have is foam your booth is going to sound 'boxy' and 'muddy' because all of the low mids will be bouncing around creating nulls and peaks, while all the high end will be dead. You´re really going to want to invest in some 'bass traps'... you could make some yourself... buy some 703 or 705 owens corning fiberglass insulation (2x4´) and wrap it in burlap. Mount a few of these to the walls and ceiling and you´ll be in better shape. Make some small traps for the corners and you´ll be doing even better.... although you might run out of space.