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Old 19th December 2011
OK, just did a search. Apparently, under all that mess there, you have 3 wires. 1 white, 1 black, and the braided shield.

The info I found says to wire the black wire to tip for low impedance, or 250 ohms. Use the white to tip for 50 kohms.

I would either wire it 50 kohms, and try a nice direct box or impedance converter (transformer), or wire it low z, and wire the black to pin 2 on an xlr, pin one to the braided wire.

I guess tape up or heat shrink the wire you don't use.

At least using a transformer, you are balanced from the transformer to the preamp.

There's nothing wrong with experimenting with low end stuff. We all grew up doing it, and it's still fun to mess around with, because if you mess something up, no big deal. It is a learning experience.

Good on you man, don't listen to those cats.

I have some expensive mics, but if somebody put this down in front of me, I'd still get out my soldering iron and screw with it.

Good luck,


PS: the info where I found this says he couldn't remember if white or black was high or low, but to his recollection, this was correct. Going to have to try it and see.