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BG 1 and 2 use the same circuit but 2 has extra switches for phantom and
phase. BG-2 has 66 db of gain, BG-1 has 59. BG1 can be modded for 66.
BG No 4 & 6 use the same circuit but no. 4 has filters and rotary switches.

BG No 1 costs 700
BG No 2 costs 1450
BG No 3 costs 2100
BG No's 4 & 5 cost 1700 each
BG No 6 costs 799
All prices in U.S dollars, prices include shipping, but not local taxes[if any]the easiest and cheapest way to pay is with paypal
[email protected]

Due to high demand shipping will be between 14 - 21 days after payment..

Originally Posted by jdjustice
There is a slight difference that I am aware of only because T.Ray mentioned it on another thread. I believe it has to do with the 4-channel having a bit more gain, but I could be wrong. He is the one who needs to answer this question... or you could shoot an email to Mick over at DAV if you need the answer straight from the horse's mouth....

EDIT: I found the answer from T.Ray on another thread: