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Old 25th May 2006
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yes it is, in fact I need to shape this place up a bit, you know; lick of paint, pro nametag outside, stuff like that. And, yes battered discrete pres look less attactive to a nitwit than an all lights on christmas tree cheap POS

The Chemical Brothers some time ago took 4 Doepfer Schaltwerk with them, just to show off the lights... (the whole show came from a DAT )
But the audience, except for one or two nerds like me, were mesmerised.. (they didn't even bother to sync the machines...)

as far as the gear: musicians are a funny breed. sometimes wowed by lights, sometimes new and shiney futuristic helps, often nothing at all, and the art of recording and mixing is seen as a hmm necessary stop towards getting a cd done.
bit like checking out in a supermarket...
I think however, it's cool to get cheap stuff that actually works miracles..

---- back to the bentley or the souped up focus---

I'd prefer a maserati quattroporte. heh (looks a bit like a family car)