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Originally Posted by Mudnoc
I'm going against the grain here.... I started recording myself 20 years ago for fun.... It became a passion..even went to school for it (don't ask) But when I started recording other people (maybe 8 or 9 years ago) I realized one thing.... It seems that MOST of the clients that I have dealt with find the "look" of your studio to be extremely important.... I know, I know... trust me I KNOW!!!!! Looks aren't everything.... But for some reason when they walk into a "studio" they "expect" to see a console...they expect for you to have Pro-Tools... They expect for you to have a vocal booth.... They expect these things because these things are synonymous with the word "studio." So if you are recording yourself and are only concerned about the results get good quality gear.... If you are intending on opening the studio up for clientelle you might want to invest in a couple of cosmetic pieces.... Nothing too expensive... maybe a cheap mixer... Hey, get a Behringer MX9000!!!! (LOL)... Pretty darn cheap for a 24 channel board... But again, I know I will get flamed for this...but this has been my experience...I wrote a thread once on smoke and mirror studios.... mine is one of them...I have all this old gear (ADATs, analog consoles, etc.) and I use none of it...everything I do is ITB.... my 2 cents....
well ok, it's low end theory.
but if it's smoke and mirrors, what do you have them for? to lure clients?

bit like stuffing your pants with cleenex before a date IMO