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Old 14th December 2011
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For me it all depends on the situation and the pesron you critizise. For instance when I recorded a rnb singer with a massive ego

I quote "I'm the star here, I'm the stare here, you here me! I got three songs playing on the raidio right now so I'm the star here allright"

You could'nt realy say that some thing didd'nt sound good. If you said that he would filpp out. It was a colaboration project and it was up to me to make it sound good.

What I did was: I'd pick the thing I liked most and praise it to the sky. Then ask if he could'nt do it more like that. You could even make up stuff that was'nt there as long as you made him beleave that it was his idea.

I know it's manipulative but It got the job done. Im usualy more strate forward but it all depends on what kind of connection you can get with the artist and what type of person your dealing with.

One thing I allmost allways do is to praise the stuff that I thought was good before I thell them what was bad. I try to not make them feel like they are bad, it's just this they could think about to make every thing better.

I might come across ass a manupilative bastard but it is quite effective. Specialy during recording when you want the artist to be secure and confident.