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Certainly unders†andable. But the very nature of this is political. It's "legislation" they are talking about here, having wide-ranging ramifications, not just dependent on some self-righteous dudes chasing phantom paychecks in a economy in the complete ****ter.
We've been through this before, but here it is again.

Nobody is claiming entitlement. Nobody says that musicians should be paid if nobody uses their work.

You don't want to use my work? Fine, don't use it.

You do want to use (listen to) my work? Great, then pay me for it. I have a right to be paid for work that I do for other people unless I decide to give it away, which is also my right.

You don't want to pay me for something I'm not giving away? That's OK with me - DON'T USE IT!

You want to use my work (which I'm not giving away) without paying? That's stealing. It's immoral, illegal, and violates my Constitutional right to receive fair compensation for my labor.

Is that sufficiently clear?