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A dull knife can always be sharpened very easily. I can understand why people are apprehensive about this when viewed in tandem with other things such as the Patriot Acts and FISA. If you give away your freedoms slowly and bit by bit for the common good eventually you will find you have no freedom left.
Have you actually read the bill? It includes more than adequate checks and balances to prevent abuse, despite the big tech and pro-piracy claims to the contrary. There is nothing in this bill that impinges on anyone's rights unless you view "the right to steal" as being somehow a constitutionally guaranteed freedom.

This is not the place to discuss The Patriot Act, FISA, or anything similar - it's specifically forbidden by GS rules. If you wish to discuss such things, PM me. You might be surprised to find that we're not so far apart as you might think.

I am curious what people's views on the net neutrality debate are too?
My view on the "net neutrality" debate is that from what I see there are at least two different camps that mean diametrically opposed things when they say they're for "net neutrality", so I try to avoid the phrase like the plague. It's a buzz word (phrase) that people use to hide their meaning.