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Old 25th May 2006
Lives for gear

I would say go for the aurora audio GTQ for the pre and it has a DI and it's 2 channel. And i would recomend a pair of Distressors for your outboard compressors.

As for plugins i would get the Eventide 2 Bundle(It's the ****),Waves SSL TDM(You know Why),Cranesong Pheonix(You'll thank me later). McDSP & URS are nice also.

Half of this stuff you can get here from Tony Belmont much cheaper also

Plus you can demo alomst anything for a while to decide, but im sure you know this already.

And a great help is to take the name of the plugin or gear you would like to know more about and put the name of it in the gearslutz search and select "search in topics" or what ever and then you will find a ton of info on that piece of gear or plugin and alot of time find out great tips on how to use them better.

Just my 2cents